The Value of a Multi-Source
Real-World Data Strategy:
How to Overcome Gaps and Limitations

Wednesday, April 7th | 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT

Join us as Syapse experts share how to establish high quality, real-world datasets by using a multi-source strategy. A single source of data is often enough to generate meaningful real-world evidence. Have you recently made an investment in a large raw real-world dataset, and are now drowning in data but lacking in evidence?

During this webinar, we highlight strategic approaches you, and your organization, should consider as you invest in RWD to best capture the comprehensive patient journey needed to answer your most challenging questions, or seek to validate real-world endpoints. You will walk away having:

  • Built awareness on various RWD sources and their attributes, and how they are used to fill in the gaps to ensure your study design best reflects what is happening in the real-world
  • Taken the steps to understand whether artificial intelligence (AI) is a magical cure-all, or is it perpetuating inconsistencies or biases already in the data?
  • Learned how to take unstructured lab and pathology reports (including biomarker data) using NLP to ensure your study design best reflects what is happening in the real-world to generate more robust data

At Syapse, we have established the Syapse Learning Health Network™ to collaborate closely with health system, life sciences, regulatory and molecular labs partners to transform high quality real-world data into meaningful real-world evidence. Moderated by Patti Peeples, our panel of Syapse experts will include:

  • Mary Tran, Vice President, Data Insights
  • Dr. Anna Berry, Vice President for Molecular Pathology and Genomics
  • Michael Italia, Vice President, Product Development
We look forward to seeing you there!


Mary Tran
Vice President, Data Insights

Mary Tran currently leads Syapse’s Data and Insights department, working to generate high-quality research insights from Syapse’s real-world data platform. Together with her team of data scientists, epidemiologists, analysts, tumor registrars, implementation managers, visualization specialists and informaticians, they shepherd the transformation of data from disparate facts to evidence. 

Anna Berry, MD
Vice President for Molecular Pathology and Genomics

Dr. Anna Berry is the Vice President for Molecular Pathology and Genomics at Syapse, where she works in partnership with Syapse’s functional leaders to support product and service development, serves as a subject matter expert to Syapse’s customers, participates in joint-authored research and publications, and advances Syapse’s thought leadership efforts in the area of real-world evidence. 

Michael Italia
Vice President of Product Development

Michael Italia is Vice President of Product Development at Syapse, leading both the Engineering and Product Management teams. Michael has over 20 years of experience building data intensive products in life science and academic translational research settings.


Patti Peeples, PhD, RPh
CEO and Founder, HealthEconomics.Com
Vice President

Patti is a health economist, pharmacist and industry leader with 35 years of experience in health care value, evidence and access. She is Founder and CEO of HealthEconomics.Com and she also serves as Vice President of Evidence and Content for, the new parent company of HealthEconomics.Com. 

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